Motor Honda Terbaru CBR 1000 RR 2012 Di Indonesia

Sunday, April 29, 2012

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New Honda CBR 1000 RR 2012 In Indonesia - your Honda motorcycle enthusiasts and lovers? Honda CBR 1000 RR 2012 is the latest release of the motor which will be launched in December 2011 this year. New honda sportbike genre output Honda CBR1000RR 2012 which had the name of this design and the development of fierce series Honda CBR900RR, CBR929RR further in 2000, then went into the 2003 CBR954RR and CBR1000RR teakhir be in 2004.
According to the report motorcylce, Saturday, September 24, 2011, from generation CBR1000RR 2004 there was no longer a lot of updates on his 1000cc engine. However, changes occur in the 2012 model updates on sectors where there is a better handling bike than the previous generation.

To improve the performance of the chassis such as traction and braking, Honda added a new feature-free balance rear shock, fork and big fiston aluminum rim with a bolt 12.

Balance-free technology makes rear shock Honda CBR1000RR 2012 to be truly unique. This is the first time the technology is applied to one of mass production motorcycle.

The plan will start selling Honda motorcycles at the upcoming December 2011, with the tag of U.S. $ 13,800 (Rp121 million) for the standard type and U.S. $ 14,800 (Rp129 million) for a model that has been equipped with C-ABS (Combined ABS).

There are four color choices of red, black, pearl white and blue.

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