Jeep Willys's Next generation can be seen from Joao Kleber's Work Sketch

Joao Kleber Amaral is an artist who liked the car objects, ideas about the future of sketch Jeep Willys.
 Jeep Willys's Next generation can be seen from Joao Kleber's Work Sketch

Legendary car that much demand, including in the country, by artists from Brazil are set forth in the sketches. Joao hopes will re-birth Jeep Willys variant of this legend at a later date, to give a surprise gift for his fans around the world.

Willlys' work of Joao still raise the concept of compact design combined the latest model. Seen from a modern front grille. Special features such as the Willys windshield can be folded and retained without doors.

Audi A1 e-tron's an electric version of the Audi A1

Audi A1 e-tron itself is an electric version of the Audi A1. However, in conventional combustion engines kick. Instead, fill the heart of any electric motor driving this car.

Audi A1 e-tron's an electric version of the Audi A1

Indeed, there is still a conventional engine in this car. Only the machine function has changed. No longer useful to drive the wheels of the vehicle, but only as a generator only, similar to be used by Chevrolet on the Volt.

Fuel consumption was classified as very economical which is only 1.9 liters per 100 km.

However, the car was still able to roam up to 250 miles before recharging energy path. In addition, this compact car is also capable of racing up to speeds of 130 km / hour.

The era of electric cars it is practically already in sight. And most recently, the car manufacturer Audi has started to produce electric cars Audi A1 e-tron to fill the streets of Munich, Germany.

A total of 20 units of the Audi A1 e-tron is produced to be a pilot project examining the Audi as well as driver behavior, electrical infrastructure requirements, and new communication network between the driver and an electric charging station search methods on smartphones.

After all the research is completed, the era of electric cars will be at the start. Possible era of electric cars in Germany will be started in 2025.

In addition, the Audi A1 e-tron is also part of a larger trial run by the German government to establish a number of electric charging stations across the country that use renewable energy like wind power.

It's not rumor! new engine of the latest Audi A6, Allroad A6 and A7 Sportback

As reported by Worldcarfans, on Wednesday (02/01/2012) This brand-new machine capable of producing power up to 309 hp and 650 Nm of torque. This engine will be mated with an eight-speed tiptronic transmission with a drive system quattro all-wheel drive (AWD).

BiTDI Quattro 3.0L engine capable of making the A6 accelerates from rest to a speed of 100 KMH in a time of 5.1 seconds. While the maximum speed of 250 KMH.

Despite having a high enough performance, then do not make it wasteful of fuel. The average consumption of 44.1 mpg material with CO2 emissions of 169 g / km.

This machine is also equipped with voice actuator so that the sound issued through kenalpot become more melodic and even similar to the sound power produced by a high-powered machine.

Audi manufacturer announced plans to offer a bi-turbo diesel engine on the latest Audi A6, Allroad A6 and A7 Sportback. This machine is rumored to replace the 3.0L engine of its predecessor.

Audi A5 Coupe dan Sportback move very freely

Price Audi starts with diesel engines at a price of 27 320 pounds for the Sportback variant, as well as for 28 775 pounds for the coupe with a power output of 161 hp TDIe.

Audi A5 Coupe dan Sportback move very freely

Audi A5 Coupe and Sportback line-up has a new and more efficient engines with diesel engines TDIe. And Audi has officially used the four-cylinder diesel engine in the Audi A5 variants.

Unit 2.0-liter engine TDIe has two power output which is equal to 134 hp and 161 hp. Audi A5 Sportback with 134 hp has an average fuel efficiency of 64.2mpg, with 117g/km of CO2 emissions and capable of reaching 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds.

While the engine with an output of 161 hp is able to penetrate the acceleration of 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds. (8.4 seconds for the Coupe model). Two engine options are equally matic six-speed transmission.

Audi TT RS Plus for you today

Ingolstadt - Audi TT RS Coupe Plus manual version has automated manual transmission, while the Roadster model also owns automatic. Unfortunately, the current new Audi decided to market this model for the European market.

Audi TT RS Plus for you today

Audi manufacturer offers the latest Audi TT RS has a fresher look and a more powerful performance. They call it the Audi TT RS Plus. Manufacturer based in Ingolstadt, Germany is offering the Audi TT RS Plus with two models Coupe and Roadster.

Exterior side of the Audi TT RS gets a new twist so that it looks more sporty. The new touch can be seen on the grill wrapped in a silver frame. Besides mirror cover has been using carbon fiber. Aura sport growing stronger thanks to the five-spoke alloy wheels wrapped with a red list thin profile tires sized 255/35.

As reported by Carscoop, on Friday (02.10.2012) Audi TT RS has undergone a reform in the sector, so performance increases cardiac pacemaker. This stylish sports car engines 2.5 L turbocharged five-cylinder engine with maximum power of 360 PS and 465 Nm of torque.

The machine is offered with a choice of six-speed manual transmission or automatic dual-clutch seven-speed S tronic is equipped lunch so the acceleration is more optimal control when you first open the gas. The engine power output through the All-wheel drive (AWD).

Ducati was acquired by Audi, then let's talk

"If the Ducati was acquired by Audi, I hope we can soon start talks with them. Each person will work to develop a collaboration because, for us, the manufacturer of this motor is Emilia-Romagna and the Borgo Panigale, and must remain Borgo Panigale and Emilia-Romagna. "

There are positive examples of a similar takeover, which went well, when the German group acquired the Lamborghini. There are also rumors that Volkswagen might sell their shares to 20 percent of Suzuki, which will be another sign of the success of a deal.

Apparently, the agreement between Ducati and its subsidiaries Volkswagen Group, Audi, getting closer to reality as only a matter of time. Reported, subsidiaries offer the German auto giant has reached a high value, which is 75 million euros.

This amount may be sufficient to reach an agreement. Because the boss who is the owner of Ducati Investindustrial, Andrea Bonomi, very enthusiastic told the Financial Times that he was looking for a billion-euro fund to hand over control of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

Signal that there is almost a consensus that can also be seen from the political maneuvering has already begun. Regional appraiser for production activities in the Emilia-Romagna, Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, recently gave his opinion to the Ansa news letter about the potential purchase of Ducati by the Volkswagen group.

Officially Audi's scheduled to sign purchase agreement with Ducati

MUNICH - Ducati had hoped Audi would buy shares of his company with a purchase value reached 850 million euros. This figure will be used to cover debts worth 200 million Euro.

German automotive company Audi Ag, authorized the purchase of motor sport Italian manufacturer, Ducati. As quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (18.04.2012) Audi poured funds amounting to 860 million Euro.

Audi is still under the ownership of VW Group is scheduled to sign purchase agreement with Ducati, Thursday (04/19/2012). In the agreement reached, the price of Euro 860 million of debt was reduced. Then the Ducati up about seven times earnings last year.

Volkswagen CEO Ferdinand Piech had expressed interest to buy a Ducati since April 2008. But eventually defeated by the current owners of Ducati Investindustrial, a private equity firm based in Italy.

With the purchase of Ducati stock portfolio is a growing list of VW to compete with BMW. VW already has a car manufacturer, a large truck, boat engines and motorcycles too.

Aston Martin's V12 Vantage GT3 for next year's racing season

Warwickshire, - Aston Martin-Pack engine and transmission durability was tested at the Nurburgring. The same was done to the suspension and the system. In the circuit's Vantage GT3 will be struggling with his opponent in endurance racing 'Blancpain Endurance Series' and 'Nurburgring VLN Series'.

 Aston Martin finally shows figure of the V12 Vantage GT3 for next year's racing season. This car looks grim posture with a body made ​​from carbon and aluminum roof so that it becomes lighter. Special body, can be removed easily from the chassis.

Some components aerokit also included, among other things behind the front bumper, side-skirts, fenders and GT wing that wide in the rear bumper. Additional aerokit's function is to support the ability of an increasingly powerful machines after replacement of the V8 with a capacity of 6.0-liter V12.

The inside of the engine is a modified crankshaft, replaced with a racing version with lighter weights and valve assy '. The result, increased engine power to 600 PS and 700 Nm of torque.

To move a large force, deployed Xtract 6 speed sequential transmission with limited slip. Subsequently used as coupling (propeller shaft) of carbon fiber to meneneruskan power from the transmission to the axle at the rear axle.

Jaguar introduced the Jaguar F-Type to run up to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.7 seconds

Beijing: "We must ensure that the combustion engine is more refined with hybrid propulsion technologies that can reduce CO2 emissions," said the top executive (CEO) Jaguar Marketing, as reported by Ralf Speth Nitrobahn, Thursday (26/4).

In the event the Beijing Motor Show, China, a number of car manufacturers are competing to display the output of new cars. One of them is Jaguar. The exhibition held since 23 April last, the Jaguar introduced the Jaguar F-Type.

Special on this car is the engine. F-Type is fixed to the machine super V6 3.0-liter and 2.0-liter engine turbocharged four-cylinder. This four-cylinder engine will be the entry level variant. For the V6 3.0-liter turbocharged engine technology refers to the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The engine can generate power of about 380 horse power. With these machines, Jaguar F-Type is able to run up to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.7 seconds. This is because all machines are made ​​of aluminum and weighs only 138 pounds. With the advantages of this machine, the Jaguar F-Type is believed to attract a large market share in China.

However, four-cylinder engine is only offered on the XF variants. Meanwhile, the V6 engine will be pinned on the XF and XJ models. Where will it all kicked off later and enliven the global automotive industry.

Jaguar C-X16's car concept will soon be in production

Jaguar E-Type/C-X16 currently still a concept that combines design, exotic, luxury and speed of a typical Jaguar with modern technology that is expected to be able to make a success in the international market.

Jaguar automobile manufacturers plan to realize their reincarnation for one of their most iconic cars, Jaguar E-Type has been strong. Aura Jaguar E-Type will be blown into the Jaguar C-X16's concept car which will soon be in production.

It is estimated that this car will soon be entering the production period and will be sold next year at a price of only about 50,000 pounds.

For delivery of this car, Jaguar, as quoted from autoevolution, Friday (12/02/2011) has made several trials. Initially, they tested the new V6 engine that is equipped with a powerful supercharged, but now, Jaguar is the focus for stuffing C-X16 with a myriad of security features.

Chances are, when produced later, the name of the C-X16 which refer to the project to 16 of Jaguar design director Ian Callum this will change the way a Jaguar XE will compete directly with the rows of cars owned by Porsche.

An engine capacity of 3.0 liter supercharged V6 will help produce great power for the machine. This engine is a derivative of the 5.0-liter V8 engine that is in XFR, XKR and XJ Supersport, the Jaguar C-X16 is claimed to give birth power boost to 375 bhp with a torque of 450 Nm.

Have the latest direct injection technology and a twin-vortex supercharger, the car is also claimed to have power but still has a daunting fuel efficiency are qualified.

While the 95 bhp electric motor powered by 235 Nm of torque will be consulted to help the performance of the V6 engine was malignant. Lithium ion battery will be hidden in the back seat.

The motor will have three tasks one of which help improve the efficiency of gasoline engines due to fuel electric mode can be used for close range with a top speed of 80 km / h and give the sensation of pounding style that gives the car extra power when needed as the system Kinetic Energy Recovery System ( KERS).

Jaguar released official figures for the acceleration of this car is 4.4 seconds to reach speed of 100 km / hour. Its speed is limited to numbers 300 km / h for safety-related problems, but when this limit is removed, then of course this car will be able to go faster again.

Car body design is imaged at a glance the two elements of sporty and elegant with a curve that is not sharp. A rounded body shape makes this car can gently cleaving the air.

Length is 98 mm shorter than the Porsche Cayman and 349 mm shorter than her sister XK. However, his body is 150 mm wider than the XK, 911, Cayman and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage is also lower.

The entire car body is made of carbon fiber with aluminum sensation that ultimately able to keep the weight of the vehicle only 1,600 kg, 60kg lighter than the XK. Carbon fiber materials are also found in cars like the dashboard that has a captivating design with a high level of ergonomics and the framework for untra-lightweight composite seat.

Range Rover Sport modified by Overfinch, British Tuner's very suitable to China market

BEIJING - As performed a Jaguar-Land Rover dealer (JRL) in China that gives credence to the British tuner, Overfinch. Tuner is believed to gush JRL special Range Rover Sport marketed in China.

Range Rover Sport modified by Overfinch, British Tuner's very suitable to China market

In this case, change Overfinch Range Rover Sport is a quite striking view. Overfinch yellow color was chosen as a sign of difference is the color of the car with a car circulating in China. Thus was launched the autoevolution, Sunday (01/08/2012).

Besides wrapped with striking yellow color, a British tuner has also added some new accessories such as side skirts, sophisticated audio systems and forms of the headlamps and grille are designed to be fused, which makes this car much more sporty.

In terms of interior, Overfinch designed it with a fairly harmonious blend of colors, namely black and yellow. The color was chosen to match the exterior appearance of a predominantly yellow color. Seat and dashboard clad in black and given a touch of yellow on the seat and steering wheel.

Furthermore, Overfinch also try to balance between the exterior appearance, interior and name. Because of this Range Rover sport pinned name, so in terms of look and performance must be balanced.

Overfinch pacunya trying to change the kitchen by creating the 5.0-liter V8 engine supercharged energy that can spew up to 503 hp. For suspension, Overfinch has also been lowered, this car looks so much shorter than the original version.

Changes made on the Overfinch Range Rover Sport is enough to bring the character of JRL in China. The plan, this car is priced at USD470.000 or equivalent. The price was too high for a class Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), but it will still launch and JRL specifically for China's auto market.

China's auto market. these days is undergoing significant growth. This was driven by increased sales, production and automotive manufacturers outside of China that began reaching China's auto market.

Yo-Auto's car's driven by a hybrid power system works

 Yo-Auto's car's driven by a hybrid power system works

Yo concept, it sounds not very imaginative, is one of three hybrid models from the country of origin of white bears that will be introduced to the public as a vehicle of the future.

The design is quite innovative, especially door models are shifted up. Interestingly, the position of the door rather than outside the body, like most now, but inside the body. So that the rear glass is very small. Then, the windshield extends contrived to the roof (through the front seat).

The interior can fit four adults, with a little back room of relief. This is because the thin design of the front seat.

Yamaha Mio Sporty, Mio Soul

Sekuter matik yang sedang naik daun saat ini adalah yamaha mio, dengan varian mio yaitu mio sporty dan mio soul. Sepintas kedua varian ini bagai pinang dibelah kapak hehehe. sebelas-duabelas yamaha mo, mio sporty dan mio soul

Spesifikasi Mesin dari yamaha mio sampai yamaha mio soul tidak ada yang berubah alias sama plek. Berikut ulasannya.

Tipe Mesin : 4 langkah, SOHC 2-Klep pendingin udara, AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 Ready
Diameter x Langkah : 50.0mm x 57.9 mm
Kapasitas Silinder : 113.7 CC
RatioKompresi : 8.8 : 1
Tipe Kopling : Kering, Sentrifugal Otomatis
Isi silinder : Tunggal
Karburator : Keihin NCV24x1
Sistem pengapian : DC-CDI
Sistem pelumasan : Wet Sump
Kapasitas Oli Mesin : 0.9 Liter
Transmisi : V-Belt Otomatis
Rasio Gigi : 2.399 – 0.829
Caster / Trail : 26.5 derajat/ 100 mm
Tipe Rem Depan : Hydraulic Disc brake dengan Single Piston
Tipe Rem Belakang : Teromol

Berat Kosong : 87 Kg
Tipe Rangka : Steel Tube
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar : 3,7 Liter Bensin Leaded / unleaded
Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1,240 mm
Jarak terendah ke Tanah : 130 mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 745 mm

Suspensi / Ban
Suspensi Depan : Teleskopik
Suspensi Belakang : Teleskopik
Ukuran Ban Depan :70/90-14MC 34P
Ukuran Ban Belakang : 80/90-14MC 34P

Dimensi (P x L x T) : 1,820 x 675 x 1,050 mm
Sistem Starter : Kick & Electric
Daya Maksimum : 6.54 Km (8.9 ps) / 8,000 rpm
Torsi Maksimum : 7.84 Nm (0.88 kgf.m) / 7,000 rpm
Cara modifikasi Yamaha Mio agar Jadi Yamaha “Moiy”

Bentuknya yang kecil dan lumayan seksi membuat mio menjadi incaran tangan-tangan jail modifikator. Biar kelihatan moy.. yamaha mio hanya perlu sedikit sentuhan modifikasi saja, misalnya dengan mengganti ban bergaya racing yang dapat ditemukan di banyak toko variasi, seperti yamaha mio dibawah ini :

Yamaha Scorpio 2005 Full YZF R6

Make the bikers who have the mounts yamaha scorpio, MX-Cuctom have a myriad of consef full fairing & Naked bike .. Picture above is one who consef Naked Bike Yamaha YZF R6, who became champion MX-Custom in some contests in various areas.

1. Full tank Fiber (MX-custom mold)
2. Ala rear stern custom fiber R6 (MX-custom mold)
3. Rear lights using light jupiter mx who converted to LED
4. Apply light headlights yamaha bison
5. Supermoto handlebar after market
6. Up Side Down shock front SUZUKI GSX 1000
7. 1000 SUZUKI GSX swingarm
8. 1000 SUZUKI GSX wheels
9. Cover engine & spakbor custom fiber (MX-Custom Prints)
10. Front and rear tires Battlax BT92R
11. exhaust Snooby
12. Deltabox custom fiber (MX-custom mold)
13. for sure the bore engine already up,